The Film Junkies' Top 10 Spaghetti Westerns

Me and a friend has this webseries called Filmjunkiene (the Film Junkies). It’s a videoblog where we review b-movies (mostly exploitation). We are Norwegian, so we speak in our native language, which I think has held back many potential viewers. Even though we’ve been interviewed on national radio here in Norway.

Some years ago we made a Top 10 spaghetti westerns episode. We have now reposted this video with english subtitles, so finally international viewers can get something out of this episode. I also thought it was timely for a re-release, because of the recent European premiere of “Django Unchained”. Any thoughts on our ranking? And what are your top 10 favorite spaghetti westerns?

Here’s the episode:

Nice work lads. A good selection and really well put together.

I’d be interested to see what you would include in a top 20.

Thank you Phil!

Hm, speaking for myself, if I was to expand the list to a Top 20, the rest of the list might look something like this:

  1. Matalo! (1970)
  2. The Return of Ringo (1965)
  3. The Mercenary (1968)
  4. Run Man Run (1968)
  5. The Five Man Army (1969)
  6. Navajo Joe (1966)
  7. Death Rides A Horse (1967)
  8. And God Said to Cain (1970)
  9. Viva Django (1968)
  10. Don’t Turn the Other Cheek (1971)

Honorouble mentions: God Forgives… I don’t!, Day of Anger, Bullet for a General and Mannaja.

I haven’t seen Duck You Sucker in many years. It might get a place on the list, but my memory of it is to vague to decide how it should be ranged.

If Ivar was to expand it (he’s the other Film Junkie on the right), it would probably also include My Name Is Trinity, and maybe the sequel My Name Is Still Trinity.

I had much fun watching it. Nice video - I like the effort you put in it. Interesting list, though. I was really suprised by Companeros being on number 1. Overall an interesting list. I wouldn’t put any Fulci Western on the list. And I like Massacre Time more the 4 of the Apocalypse. Fulci made actually 5 contirbutions to the genre - if you count Zanna Bianca and Il Ritorno di Zanna Bianca…

Finally, good that The Big Gundown got some proper releases over the years. I hope you could get your hand on one of the Koch or - even better - Explosive Media release.