[The Fast, the Saved and the Damned] Worth picking up?

I’ve looked at the Amazon listing for Spaghetti Western Bible Presents: The Fast, the Saved and the Damnedhttp://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B002DLB1A2/thehawfam-20 and read the reviews, but I thought it might be worthwhile to ask people who are connoisseurs of the form what they think of it.

To be sure, I don’t expect tremendous visual quality with ten films packed into the set, but are these films at least watchable, or am I better off seeking different DVD releases? I’m not clear on whether any of these films are even available elsewhere, which means I have no choice if I want to watch them.

Hola, Amigo! I picked it up back in October, and I’m happy with the set. The PQ on the films range from ok to pretty good. Most of the films are pretty good. It’s a lot better than any of the Mill Creek box sets. I’m glad I have the films to watch until better official releases come out , like Wild East with Brute and the Beast ( Massacre Time).

You’ve pretty much confirmed what I suspected about picture quality. One of the Amazon reviews said something similar, so now I know it’s true. I’ve gotten pretty used to terrible transfers of things (all those bootlegs!), so I guess I shouldn’t have worried about it too much to begin with. Thanks for chiming in!

Anytime! =)

There’s some good films on this set, plus the price is descent. I don’t own this set so I can’t confirm the quality but some of the films have been probably lifted off legit euro dvd releases so they should be descent quality. Not awesome, but descent. And I think blindman may be the only film thats cut.

I saw that Blindman has a truncated running time. I wonder how crippling the cuts are. And apparently Minnesota Clay is completely in Italian for the last few minutes(!), which certainly isn’t good. Still, I’ll probably go for it. As you say, the price is right.

A proper rip off cover of the Clint set ;D

Definitely a mimic, style-wise, though I do credit them for coming up with a pretty cool name for the collection.

The films aren’t anamorphic so now as good quality as a normal release.