The Dark Valley / Das finstere Tal (Andreas Prochaska, 2014)

Austria/Germany 2013
Premiere: 20. February 2014

A remote mountain valley in the Alps, at the end of the 19th Century. A stranger asks the close-knit village community to quarters over the winter. He knows the bloody secret of the villagers. A mysterious death series begins…

Sam Riley, Tobias Moretti, Helmut Häusler, Martin Leutgeb, Johannes Nikolussi, Clemens Schick,…

Not really a Western, but look at the great Teaser and trailer ! :wink:
You will not regret it !



Looks promising. And according to the trailer I say this is a western.

Even according to IMDb it is a western ;):

I’ve just the trailer and even though it looks more Austrian than “westernish”, the film looks very nice.

looks great - and that young man looks like mix between PLL and Lou Castel - we’ve been waitin’ for this …

Yep looks a western.

I hope for all of you, that there will be an english version of the film ! :slight_smile:

Saw it yesterday in cinema, for me the best Western I’ve seen since years with a great atmosphere and awesome winter locations !
In the second half quiete brutal, great bloody shootouts, crucifixion,… Sam Riley is great as avenger !
A really Must-See !

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For the database, runtime is around 110 minutes in PAL

The screenshots look great.

Here’s a page with the (German language) trailer

Some of the German is a bit hard to follow for me as a foreigner (probably “östereichisch”)
But it all looks wonderful

It seems that the mini euro-western revival is happening. This one and the Salvation and Gold are all recent movies that have respected international cast involved. Will be watching all three around this days. This one is the one I look forward for the most (revenge and the snow - I’m in :slight_smile: ).

The Alps in the early 20th century, an American photographer, Greider, rides into a small town situated in a remote valley. The widow Gaderin and her daughter Luci provide him lodging. The whole town is dominated by farmer and landowner Brenner and his six sons. A few days after Greider’s arrival, the youngest Brenner son dies in an accident. During hunting a second Brenner son lost his live – this time a horseshoe nail stuck in his head. The Brenners now focus on Greider…
Strikingly fine photographed the movie works sometimes as a silent movie – no dialogues, just faces impressions – and is in its best moments a reminiscent of its famous forerunners. The conventional revenge story as seen in many other westerns is very well made IMO. Got some negativ reviews after its screening on the Berlinale. But I felt constantly entertained - fully recommended.

Yes, it reminds of Grande Silenzio, also of Pale Rider. Sam Riley has some of Trintignant’s facial expression too. Best thing is that it lo oks like a proper, old-school movie, beautiful location, beautiful cinematography. Story was just OK, imho.

Yeah, cast is well chosen. Especially Sam Riley mimes the silent stranger as a memory to figures like Corbucci’s Silence without just copying them …