The Dark Tower (2017)

THE DARK TOWER #trailer packs some punch, bombast and… a familiar tune

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The music box from ‘For a Few Dollars More’. Interesting choice.

Stephen King acknowledges Sergio Leone’s westerns as an inspiration so that’s probably why that tune was chosen. Hopefully this will be better than the books which frankly are pretty crappy in my opinion.

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Another way to put it:

To be honest Seb that sounds like a remarkably presumptuous take there from the idigital times guy. Arrogant, even. Will the movie turn out okay? I don’t know. I have my doubts that they can cut the material down enough to fit it into a movie and keep it coherent. Still, I thought it was a fairly decent appropriation of the FaFDM pocket watch tune in the trailer, and I certainly hope the movie turns out to be at least halfway decent.

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Finally caught it a couple of days ago and, sadly, it was a glossy, incoherent mess. Too much happening too briefly, which meant that, perversely, nothing was really happening at all. Iris Elba appeared to be trying but Matthew McConaughey seemed to be treating the script with the contempt it deserved. Where this franchise goes now, I don’t know. Down the toilet?