The 'concise' and the 'big' Bruckner

Ulrich P. Bruckner’s two excellent encyclopedias are rather unique out there and as far as I know, have no equivalent in English.

Here are our two database links for the two books (the concise one is a special feature on the Sollima DVD box set, the big one was just re-issued).

I will post a review of the “big one” soon

Let’s hope someone does an English translation.

for the big one it would really be worth it, the small one hardly has much text at all.

I have the small one in the Sollima box, even though i can’t understand it it’s great to look at the pictures :wink:

Review of the revised Bruckner book, enjoy:ür_ein_paar_Leichen_mehr_(book_review_in_English)

[quote=“Sebastian, post:5, topic:621”]Review of the revised Bruckner book, enjoy:ür_ein_paar_Leichen_mehr_(book_review_in_English)[/quote]
Do you know if it’s gonna be translated into English? I won the little book and it’s great, even though my german is very poor, but the big one looks incredible.

no idea if someone’s going to translate it. i doubt it

Don’t hope so.
There is much information (release dates, original running times, etc) in the data parts, but for this you need not speak german, because Bruckner thankfully works with original titles.

But unfortunately Bruckner is a boring author and he has nothing interesting to say about the films, and most of the reprinted criticisms are of even worser quality.

So the amount of information makes the book valuable, but otherwise, forget it.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

hehe rather harsh, the man…

Could somebody tell me what’s on this top 25 list in Bruckner’s book? I wanted to compare it to the one we have here without buying the book :wink:

  1. dollars 2. gbu 3. ouatitw 4. dollars more 5. great silence 6. big gundown 7. django 8. face to face 9. companeros 10. da uomo a uomo 11. quien sabe 12. duck you sucker 13. keoma 14. mercenary 15. day of anger 16. django kill 17. return of ringo 18. sabata 19. my name is nobody 20. cemetery without crosses 21. run man run 22. se incontri sartana… 23. blindman 24. the cruel ones 25. the bounty killer

Are the movieposters (not the pictures) in this book in color or also black and white? I’m thinking of buying the box only for the artwork in the book as i have al the movies already. (besides the movies i’m also collecting spaghetti western artwork).

most, if not all, are color


In case anyone is interested, I am selling my Sollima DVD box that has the “concise” Bruckner in it