The Bravados (Henry King, 1958)

One of my favourite non-Italian westerns. An excellent and gritty revenge western with a twist. Even though it was made in 1958, it feels like a 60s western. Gregory Peck gives an excellent performance and Lee Van Cleef plays the role of one of the men Peck is hunting. If you have never watched this one before, I recommend it!

Yes, one of my favorites. And one of the best psychological Westerns to emerge from the 1950s.

Can’t remember if I have seen this or not. But I bought the dvd some time ago so I’ll be watching it soon.

One of my favourites too, one of the first westerns I bought on DVD.

Glad to see there’s others who rare this one highly. I can’t understand why it’s so underrated. It hardly ever makes it in the top 100 - not that I care for lists like but still!

Shoot Out (1971) is another good western with Gregory Peck. Nowhere near as good as The Bravados but still very good. It’s a pity the DVD is quite expensive now.

I only paid £1.91 (65 pence + 1.26 postage) for the Studio Classics DVD on amazon. Bargain! I saw it when I was very young and it left quite an impression on me.

Of all the good westerns Gregory peck made, IMOThe Gunfighter (1950) is his best western. And Peck is perfect as 'Jimmy Ringo" the old gunslinger with a troubled past.