The Black Eagle of Santa Fe / Die schwarzen Adler von Santa Fe (Ernst Hofbauer, 1965),_Die

Town is attacked by Indians and the remaining town folk take refuge at a nearby fort which only has a few soldiers. Enter a young looking Brad Harris who is working for the army undercover. He finds out a local landowner is causing trouble between the Indians and soldiers, as he wants to get his hands on some oil which is on Indian land.

Easy to follow if not a little to predictable story, but Horst Frank stands out as a sharp shooting reporter who helps Harris out. Tony Kendall also stands out in other ways as he plays the Indian chief :stuck_out_tongue: . Average one for this viewer.

And here they are, Brad, Horst and the Prophet himsef:



A disappointing western for me. Started off good and then became rather boring. I watched an English fandub that kept switching to German. I think I could have done without the extra scenes. The singing was terrible and just slowed the film down.