The Big Gundown: Reggae Inspired By Spaghetti Westerns

I saw this at and i was like WTF.
Check it out. Its strange.

Hehe. I wanted to mention it too. I am a big Ska and reggae fan and surely know about this thing and probably love it. Nearly every “Early Reggae” DJ plays some songs of this thing. But it is not connected to the music of the movies. It is only that there is a voice at the beginning of almost every song, that quotes a film. Like: “Faster than Eastwood, tougher than van Cleef, rougher than Django… Trinityyyyy” or “What can I do for you Mister? I’m the Undertaker. - Make me three coffins brother…my mistake, make it four.” and so on.

And then the nice Skinhead/Early Reggae music starts and within that music there are the quotes again. Understood? :wink:

I hate to say it but that sounds kinda lame to me…I’ve never been a big reggae fan to begin…

I heard some of the album, and it just sounds f**king weird to me.

the song django shoot first is very cool!!(lee perry) i think if you dont like reggae than its just crap, but if you have a thing for reggae and ska or rocksteady than its just cool, you like reggae you like sw and these things come together its very nice!! I can imagen when there was somekind of metal/rock-sw crossover i also wouldnt be intersted at all. bon jovi goes spaghetti ahhhh help me or shoot me!!

(also in the movie the harder they come the harder they fall there is a scene that the actors are in the cinema watching django! :D)

I also allready posted this subject in the other music toppic Big Audio Dynamite/The Clash + other songs with SW sound bites. that this cd is released by trojan many years ago and also that there is a new cd with up to date artist who made remixes of morricone scores(very nice cd)

Yeah, but it is no Ska or Rock Steady, but Early Reggae… :wink:

yes I know thats wy its called western inspired reggae

Hehe, I thought so, I only wanted to tell the others :wink:

I bought this about a month ago. Great stuff. I love early reggae and this stuff definitely sounds nothing like the music from any SW. The artists were more interested in the themes of the films and the characters than the music itself. In the famous Jamaican film The Harder They Come, the main character goes to the theater to see Django and it inspires him to be an outlaw. I agree though if you don’t like reggae, you won’t like this.

It’s great - it says on the sleeve notes somewhere that the quotes they do are wrong and it’s because, in the days before vid was popular, peeps went to the cinema (‘spech in Jamaica) and just remembered what they could - got the vibe - and did an ‘homage’ - I love this album. But I am an ol’ ska-head!! 8)

Right on. Like one of the songs on the album is called Navado Joe (instead of Navajo Joe).

Johnny Love and the Destroyers
How good is that!?

There is still another album called “For a few Dollars more” brought to the fans by Trojan.

Don’t know this one Brother Lode?
Any more info?

Found it! Pic below
At the moment I’m groovin’ to Franco Nero by Johnny Lover and the Destroyers (yet again) - so good!

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I’m going to resurrect a long dead topic here!

I’m absolutely love spaghetti western reggae. It definitely helped inspire me to dig deeper into the genre past Leone and TV matinee showings.