The Big Gundown / La resa dei conti (Sergio Sollima, 1966)

Same here. It’s an amazing soundtrack.

What’s the source for the new Italian Blu-ray? Is it the same as the Grindhouse release or Explosive’s?

good question, also there is a French disc.

So I was surprised to see that the last post in this thread was from 2017, I want to dig this up because I saw this ( ) and I was under the impression that there is no full English audio for the “long” Italian version, is there?

Yeah I don’t think a full audio exists anywhere.

Columbia Pictures I guess wanted it cut and since they got the distribution rights (why for this film?) for possibly all the countries that would have preferred it in English. USA, UK, Australia, Sweden, Finland, maybe more, HK? No full track needed.

In Finland at least these type of films were often distributed by smaller local companies but this one… Columbia Films.

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It pisses me off how Grindhouse didn’t offer the full version with Italian audio just for the added scenes. Still a nice release though.

Seems like a missed opportunity ! … I think the German release used the Franco Cleef re-construction dub … which is great, but does have one little mistake, at the wedding party when the two redhead trackers show up. Anyone else spot it ?

Denmark too. It seems Columbia Pictures distributed it here also. The Danish movie program seems to indicate as much.

This is on TCM UK right now. I’m guessing it’s the 90 minute version.

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Looking at the running time, and accounting for adverts, it will be the short version.

However, it may inspire a viewer, who knows next to nothing about SW’s, to investigate the phenomenon further. If ever there was a film designed to whet the appetite, then ‘The Big Gundown’ is a stong contender…


Yes it does. I haven’t watched it in a while, but I remember that. Not a big deal though.

I don’t think it was the Franco Cleef reconstruction they used for the source though.

An excellent SW that features LVC in his prime. TBG is a masterpiece that balances tackling political issues that are relevant to this day in a mature manner while still having the high octane action and shooting that one associates with the sub genre. Ennio Morricone’s music is as excellent as ever here, and the directing and cinematography is stunning to the point where I forget that I’m not watching a Leone film while viewing it. A top five SW as far as I’m concerned, and my second most favourite non-Leone SW after The Great Silence. Anyone who has not watched this film needs to watch it ASAP. You will not be disappointed.


I have had the Grindhouse bluray for 2 years and had until today only watched the 95 minute version, but now also the Italian 110 min version. I was surprised that even the first scene with Jonathan Corbett shooting 3 outlaws was severely cut in the shorter version.
It feels semi-Leone and with that extraordinary music by Morricone you can’t ask for much more I think. My rating is 8/10 for 6th place on my SW top 50.
I proposed 3 added locations for the IMDb web site that obviously should be there also.

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Personally I wouldn’t want the man-ranch to be ditched. It’s a point where the film veers into Django, Kill! mode (though that may not be a plus for everyone!).

Truly sorry if this is already mentioned on the site - it crossed my mind then I saw it elsewhere - but the episode really does resemble Odysseus’s stretch on Circe’s island of Aeaea, with Corbett as Oysseus. The Widow’s line on how the men are “BEASTS” struck that note for me, and then those pigs …