THE BIG GUNDOWN in the new Cinema Retro

(uncknown) #1

Many here have posted questions about Franco Cleef and his version of THE BIG GUNDOWN.
I would strongly recommend you subscribe to Cinema Retro magazine ( to receive the january issue.

There will be a four page full-colour, illustrated interview with Mr. Cleef who discusses TBG RECONSTRUCTION IN DETAIL!

check it out!

(Sebastian) #2

wow interesting magazine…

(uncknown) #3

The issue is now out!

great interview with Franco Cleef !!

Unfortunately, they decided Janet Leigh in lingerie would make a better front cover than Lee van Cleef’s ugly punim.
But, at least they put him on the back cover. :slight_smile:

check it out!

(uncknown) #4

here is a link to the preview:

(Novecento) #5

Apparently the new Cinema Retro will have a special tribute by Howard Hughes to the life and career of Lee Van Cleef.