THE BIG GUNDOWN in the new Cinema Retro

Many here have posted questions about Franco Cleef and his version of THE BIG GUNDOWN.
I would strongly recommend you subscribe to Cinema Retro magazine ( to receive the january issue.

There will be a four page full-colour, illustrated interview with Mr. Cleef who discusses TBG RECONSTRUCTION IN DETAIL!

check it out!

wow interesting magazine…

The issue is now out!

great interview with Franco Cleef !!

Unfortunately, they decided Janet Leigh in lingerie would make a better front cover than Lee van Cleef’s ugly punim.
But, at least they put him on the back cover. :slight_smile:

check it out!

here is a link to the preview:

Apparently the new Cinema Retro will have a special tribute by Howard Hughes to the life and career of Lee Van Cleef.