The Big Gundown Grindhouse Blu-Ray for sale (New)

New & unopened / sealed

$35 shipped to US w/ tracking (usually arrives in 2-3 days)

$45 shipped anywhere else in the world ( no customs declared :wink: )

PM me if interested

Sticking to the Explosive Media release then autephex?

Na, just bought more than one copy :wink:

These days when it comes to these kinds of releases, I tend to wait for a good price and then buy a few copies, resell extra copies when price goes up. This allows me to afford buying these more expensive blus while Iโ€™m too broke for them, and I also make a good portion of my living from buying & selling goods so I figured may as well make use of all the time I spend researching movie releases and their values & buy/sell those when possible.

Recently got hit with some unexpected bills so was offering at a lower price than planned on for reselling this one, as part of a large net cast out to the world, but thatโ€™s now all sorted.