The best of tony anthony

Ok, we already have the best of Lee Van Cleef, Tomas Milian and Franco Nero, now it’s time for Tony Anthony :slight_smile:
What’s your fav spaghetti western with Tony Anthony?

BLINDMAN, all day long :wink:

I agree,blindman gets better with each viewing

[quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:2, topic:573”]BLINDMAN, all day long ;)[/quote] Ay amigos, years ago I see a man who’s No Name look-a-like. He gets a pistol with revolving barrel- “Coo-Coo!” Golden Stagecoach too.

Tough choice. but I voted for first Stranger film. I think all the Stranger films are almost equally good but i was little disappointed with Blindman. Maybe I had just too high expectations for that one.

What Yodalf said.

I’m of exactly the same opinion !!!

I actually prefer A STRANGER RETURNS than A STRANGER IN TOWN,but i still thinkBLINDMAN is his best film. :slight_smile:

Same here, Yodalf.

I think it was in Kinski’s bio that I read he was supposed to be the bad guy in in it but he fell off a horse early on in the shooting and was hurt pretty bad. He was then replaced by Vadis, who did an excellent job IMO. Great film. :slight_smile:

F**k ;Ding Blindman!

The Silent Stranger

Loved A Stranger in Town, disliked Blindman

Still have to watch the other Strangers

Went for A Stranger In Town too … Loved the minimalistic feel of the movie. Blindman is OK but at the end of the day it’s ‘just’ another mediocre spaghetti western. I’ll never forget the look and the atmosphere of the original Stranger-movie … Actually watched Once Upon A Time In New York recently. Also starring and partly written by Tony Anthony and also directed by Luigi Vanzi, and the character played by Anthony in this gangster-flic acutally reminded me a lot of what he did with the Stranger character. An opportunity seeker… Much like the first Stranger-movie it is full of humour AND violence… Recommended.

Blindman, no doubt.

Would be great if all three Stranger movies were released together in equally good quality, maybe a DVD box even.

Like Søren says, the Stranger character is an “opportunity seeker”, and not as super-cool and skilled as Eastwood’s Man with No Name, instead he ocassionally makes mistakes :smiley:

I also feel this character is more or less exactly the same one in all three films, whereas Eastwood played three slightly different characters in the Dollars trilogy; Joe, Manco, and Blondie!

SILENT STRANGER for me. I love samurai films almost as much as SW, so to have both genres combined AND have Anthony as The Stranger (one of my all-time favorite SW characters) is just pasta heaven in my book!

According to Anthony’s friend and collaborator Ron Schneider, that seems to be a possibility in the near future.
Of course the boxed set would include GET MEAN as well as a handful of interviews from the cast.