The best of franco nero

I’m not happy with my voting, I would say the best Movie of Franco next to Django is “Il Mercenario”!.

That’s more like it. Il mercenario is at the top of my spaghetti western list. Glad to hear that you came to your senses :slight_smile:

Went with Django.

As far as non SWs go, I liked him a lot in Autostop Rosso Sangue (Hitch-hike) and Il Cittadino Si Ribella (Street Law).

DJANGO :smiley:

Yes Starmummy both STREET LAW and HITCHHIKE are great.

Other brill non-western Nero films i’ve seen are A QUIET PLACE IN THE COUNTRY and HIGH CRIME. :wink:

Companeros…followed by Django and then Keoma.

Django and The mercenary here.

Went with Man, Pride and Vengeance. His first spaghetti to use his real voice and one of the most emotionally involved performance. Second is definetly Keoma then Companeros. English dubbing is too terrible to go with Django.

Django improves 100% when you watch it in Italian.

I’ve watched parts of it in Italian but I don’t think all the way through. I have to say that I love action scenes involving Nero. He is so hyper active and crazy in action scenes. He really gets into it. Companeros’s action climax is great to watch Nero go from horse, then machine gun, then winchester, while literally killing dozens of people in a matter of seconds. He turn into a fuckin killing machine. Jumping around and running everywhere. Great actor. And seems like a very compassionate and nice person too.

The old problem with the english dub - i think you can’t review a movie because of the dub.
Franco Nero is Django and Django is Franco Nero,this movie formed the italian western like no other one,except the Leone’s,of course.

Have you seen L’ultimo pistolero? It was on my Texas Adios dvd as an extra. First I was like: “Wow, a duel!” then: “OMG this hurts…” ;D

Voted for The Mercenary followed closely by Django and Companeros. Have never seen Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears although I live very near “Deaf Smith” county. I’m probably the only person in these parts that realizes the county was named after a Franco Nero film. :wink:

Do you mean this short movie wich takes a few minutes ?
I’ve never seen that,think its only as a bonus on the american DVD you have.
Whats the plot ?

It’s here I think.

Beautiful and a little grotesque.

I suppose some old spag guys felt boring :wink:
Really funny

easy the django movie no doupt…