The Beguiled (Sofia Coppola, 2017)

Is The Beguiled a western? Sofia Coppola’s remade it, anyway. Due out in June.


Promising …

What the heck, sounds interesting…

I thought I remembered this film. Eessh that was a weird role for Eastwood, but he seemed to pull it off really well (at least in the few parts that I’ve seen).

I don’t know how this film is going to be taken in this modern time though. I suspect that with today feminist stance that some people are going to be greatly opposed to it. Seems like it’ll draw up some controversy.

I think the casting is horrible. Coppola seems to be aiming for a far more creepy film, while the original was quite subtle and played a lot more with the creepiness that also came from the war approaching… I dunno what to think about this

THE BEGUILED is my favorite Eastwood/Siegel collab.
Won’t ever watch the remake based on my bias and impression from the trailer. The earthy look of the original is gone. The actors look like they are playing dress up and Nicole Kidman has done something to her face that no woman from the 19th century could have done.