The Beast / Rough Justice / La belva (Mario Costa, 1970)

I have watched this film twice.
The first time I fell asleep before it was over (only about ten minutes left).
The second time I watched it straight through…and wished I had fallen asleep before it was over!
Even Kinski can’t save this one.
One of my least favorite of all SW’s.

Reading the posts above I was struck by how many folks had trouble staying awake through the last 20 minutes or so. I can only assume the producers have injected some form of subliminal sleep inducing techniques in this movie because my eyelids have seldom seemed so heavy. Yet, despite the extreme drowsiness I actually enjoyed this film quite a bit. The reason was simply Kinski. He has never appeared more like a caged animal than here and is completely in his element as a total bastard nut job.

But everyone else and the director’s handling of the interminable shoot out is flat as a pancake. So the end result is a very strange mix which is difficult to praise or damn completely. In short, when Kinski is on screen it is compelling. When he is not it’s a bore. Thankfully, until the last 20 minutes he is on screen more often than not so overall I enjoyed it. For the last bit, my advice is don’t fight it. Just get yourself a duvet and snuggle down. You won’t have missed anything important.

worst role for kinski after rytern of shangai joe?? well probably!!!

Have immediately latched onto these words :smiley: .

Surprised how much I enjoyed this after reading the comments. Does anybody have a widescreen DVD-R they could send me with English audio? The version I watched was ripped from the American VHS.

Can anybody help me with the fandub of the Italian DVD?

I have loads of spaghettis I can trade

Finally watched a widescreen print. Still quite a watchable for me. Kinski is a laugh.

Not so soporific after all, but well below average and not recommended to newcomers.

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New here and this is my first post after introducing myself in the introductions thread!

I watched this earlier today and I mean it was better then the last obscure spaghetti western I tried to watch I will say that much!

Anyways this is a pretty run of the mill type of euro-western other then the fact that Klaus Kinski basically plays himself in all the worst kinds of ways, and that honestly is the only thing this movie really has going for it cult film value wise so take that as you will!

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I just watched this one again.
If someone could update the main page: La Belva

At least some of the “filming locations” were set at:

Cinecittà Studios
Elios Film Studios
Camerata Nuova
Mazzano Romano


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