"The Battle of Algiers"

(The Ginger Man) #1

I watched this film last night, and was pleased with the sound track; the I was quite suprised to learn that it was done by Ennio Morricone. It’s Worth checking out for those of you interested.

(Mortimer) #2

This is a very good film which was banned in a lot of places when it was first released. There was a new print made which played some theatres in the US a couple of years ago. It’s very appropriate for the times we live in.

Morricone only wrote some of the music. I think his contributions to the film are similar to the music he did for The Great Silence. Great OST if you can find it.

(Buckshot) #3

This is one of the best films I have seen. If you really like the movie you should buy the criterion edition (3-discs) It’s not cheap (and only on region-1 I think) but it has a great print and really interesting extras. Some very good documentaries about the movie (and the music) and the actual war. The soundtrack is fantastic. I picked one up on ebay.

(Sebastian) #4

nice movie indeed…