The ballad of little jo (1993)

(davidf) #1

Woman learns the best way to survive in the harsh wild west is to disguise herself as a man.
has anyone else seen this film? what are your views on it? I think it’s an atmospheric, realistic western based on a true incident.Not much happens but it’s watchable and compelling, and very well acted especially by Suzy Amis.Does not quite make the most of it’s potential but it has a good sense and feel of the period and is intelligently done. also stars Bo Hopkins, Ian Mckellan, David Chung, Anthony Heald,Heather Graham,Ruth Maleeczech, Melissa Leo,Sam Robards,Rene Auberjonois.

(Stanton) #2

It was an interesting film, but I had somehow expected much more out of it after reading several favourable critics.

(Phil H) #3

I really liked it (as did my wife). As you say, intelligently done. I knew nothing about it when I first saw it so had no prior expectations.

I thought it was well done and a nice twist on the western theme of the individual. This time a woman trying to make her way in a man’s world and having to create a completely new identity for herself in order to survive.

Nice film but probably not one if your looking for an action flick.