The Ballad of Django / Reach You Bastard / Giù le mani … carogna! Django Story (Demofilo Fidani, 1971)

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Three screenshots from the above-mentioned scenes

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Is there anything original in this one? Were the scenes with Hunt Powers and Gerardo Rossi shot for this film at least? Jack Betts/Powers suggested that Fidani pieced together films without his knowledge or actual involvement and I was wondering which films he was on about. Anyway, I share the same opinion as everybody else. It’s hard to rate it because it isn’t really a film, it’s more of a tribute to Fidani’s other westerns except that he’s the one making his own tribute. :grinning: I am watching a lot of trashy spaghettis lately and this one is shameless. My copy is the Yugoslav VHS with forced subtitles. Wouldn’t mind a copy of the TV print.

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what? Wow! I want one of those so much!

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I really enjoyed this a lot! But I’m a Deem / Fidani fan, and definitely a Hunt Powers / Jack Betts fan. I’m sure the scenes with “old Django” at the beginning and end of the movie are made specifically for this, and while it does rely heavily on scenes from One Damned Day at Dawn, and Showdown in the West, there are some alterations to the dialogue and dubbing.
In the case of the “Big Showdown” with Django and O’Neil and the awesome howling wolves, that looks like an alternate take or unused scene intended for ODDAD…
Either way it’s very enjoyable and I like it a lot, I wish there was a proper release for it on DVD. Maybe a Wild East double feature with the real “Ballad Of Django”, or the affectionately titled “Western Story”…
Another Fidani masterpiece with Powers, Kinski, and Mitchell

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Yeah, that seemed obvious to me, so I was wondering what films Betts was talking about in the interview.

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But it’s not: the scene is new, that is absolutely certain thanks to the different building on the other end of Main Street (see Elios or Cave thread, Reply#17).

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Showing is always better than telling… :slightly_smiling_face: