The Badlanders (Castellari)

Look what I found:


Eventually Castellaris Western Project seems to come true…

It’s not even in pre production yet. This is all very vague to me and I don’t think it will come. Terence Hill for example doesn’t talk. He makes a western. Doesn’t look like a good one, but he makes one. How long has this talking been going on now? Besides, Castellari hasn’t directed anything since 2001. Don’t get me wrong, I hope it will turn up, but don’t believe it ever will.

This talk has been going on for ages, I know! But you hope, I hope, we all hope!! I don’t know wehter it will come true on not, but every new bit of information, every rumor is exciting! Isn’t it?

Time is not on these guys side though, so things need to move swiftly if anything is going to become of this.

I guess Nero will make it for a while, but Castellari…

Like you say though…lets hope ;).

Haha, still going. This film has to hold some kind of record: Most titles for a not yet made film.


What about this then