The Art of Italian Spaghetti Western Film Posters

Ultra Wild West: The Art of Italian “Spaghetti Western” Film Posters
by Joe Westwood (Editor)

Coming January 2019


As a professional magazine illustrator and Spaghetti Western fan I can appreciate that.

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Tell us more, amigo!

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I’ve watched A LOT of Italian movies, particularly westerns, solely based on their posters. And even if the movies are different than the posters or don’t quite live up to the mood or anticipation the imagery evoked, the mental imprint of the poster and movie are still inseparable to a strong degree.

This site has maybe 1/20th of the images I’ve had published. Massimo is my SW name :grinning:

My bedroom is covered in framed Spaghetti Western locandina. I’m also guilty of seeking out films based on their fun titles as well as the artwork.


Even the motion graphics added to the coolness like in this Taste of Killing aka The Lanky Gunman trailer

Impressive work ! Thanks for the link :smiley:

Thanks, Aldo!

I can’t wait to get this book. But every mention of it, through either Amazon or other sources don’t list how many posters are in the book, or which ones. Does anyone here have the list?

This is the one that I have hanging in my Living Room! it’s a reprint. I kinda wanted to get one with the Italian title on it, but I knew I’d have to explain what it was constantly. so I took the simpler route.

I’ve admired all the original poster artwork over the years and would love to check this book out!

Heh good choice for the book cover! It’ll be neat to finally have one of these poster books in English. The Macaroni Postura Taizen is another great book but is unfortunately all in Japanese. They just released another edition as well but it looks like it’s out of print already.

Arrived today. Unfortunately many of the posters are not full page, a disappointment. The choice of films could have been better. The colors are OK but what I print from the internet pops more. I did a comparison with “Tre Croci per non Morire” hanging on my 'fridge and the fridge won. think images in prior books are generally better and will probably return this. On the other hand if one has nothing else it might make a decent SW poster ‘starter set’.
A few B&W’s here and there, brief introduction. Actual page of poster has info in English.
I know those interested wanted to know which posters were going to be in the book so I tried to take some quick pics, not the greatest looking perhaps…


I was waiting for the Jan 2019 release of this book but it seems that it is already available from Amazon USA and Germany - the Amazon UK release is still Jan 2018.

That sounds like a great movie title in itself.


Indiana Jones and The Lead Lined Fridge That Won

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:grinning: Django vs. Sartana vs. Ringo: It’s the End of Space on the Refrigerator!

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And the fridge will dig your grave.