Tex Willer on DVD

Tex Willer e Il Signore Degli Abissi, 1985

Director: Duccio TESSARI
Cast: Giuliano GEMMA, Isabel RUSSINOVA, Flavio BUCCI, William BERGER

Label: Millenniumstorm[url]http://www.millenniumstorm.it/[/url]

Video: 1.33:1, PAL
Audio. Italiano (Dolby Digital 1.0)

Out: 05/06/2007

How long is the DVD?

Lousy film, by the way.

I’ve never seen it, i’ve got the soundtrack cd and it is mediocre considering it is Gianni Ferrio.

Not a very good film, quite boring and tedious.

This movie is from 1985, a television production (RAI 3) and far from bringing back the SW !!! It’s more of a mixture between ‘Indiana Jones’ and western. It’s worth one watch though ! GG looks as young as in his best SW performances many years before. I wonder how he managed to do that. I’ve the vhs version with a length of 100 minutes !!! The movie’s length is around 90 min. though, the remaining 10 min. are commercials and trailers !!!

Tex is a charachter of an italian comic born in 50’s (http://www.sergiobonellieditore.it/auto/cpers_index?pers=tex).
I saw this movie at cinema more than 20 years ago!..and yes, it’s not a good movie