Terence Hill western update!

I received a letter from Neil Summers today with a few more details on the new Terence Hill western I mentioned a week pr so ago. The pilot begins shooting in Santa Fe on October 8. The title of the pilot is “Doc West’s Challenge” if the pilot is a success this will be a regular TV series.

Premise of the series is that Doctor Doake West is a gunslinger who roams the west as a gambler. He was a doctor 10 years-ago but a young boy died while he was operating and he gave up his practice. Now in the town of Holysand where a youngster has been injured and Doc has to operate again to save the childs life. Paul Sorvino plays the town’s sheriff. Neil will be stunt coordnator and have an as yet unspecified role.

Cheers for the info Tom, hopefully this will be quite good :slight_smile:

Yes thank you. :slight_smile:

Is the ‘Don Matteo’ series over? Guess so if Hill has tentative plans for another weekly.