Terence Hill - Bud Spencer Chronicles: Zwei Himmelhunde mit vier Fäusten


New book in German on this dynamic duo.

With 450 pages and filled with pictures it seems pretty impressive and probably a must-buy. Seems to be published by the same company that also sent out Der Terror führt Regie.

If anyone has already purchased it in here please throw a small review. I’m probably going to buy this one either way but it’s always nice to hear that one has something to look forward to. With all the illustrations this could be interesting for non-German reading people too.

I wish they did an english version of this, and then I would buy it for sure. Is this from the same publisher that did the Django Sartana Ringo book?

Yep, that’s them. I haven’t gotten around purchasing the book yet though. It would make an excellent Christmas present though :slight_smile: