(Sebastian) #1


pretty expensive. but it has english audio, pretty rare for an italian dvd

(scherpschutter) #2

Watch out: it has English audio, but it’s incomplete and there are no subs for the ‘mute’ parts
I guess I mentioned this in my review (I’m going to check this), yes, I did:


(Sebastian) #3

ah thanks for the tip, but i dont have the 15 pounds for that dvd anyhow. it’s about time Koch Media released this :wink:

(Yodlaf Peterson) #4

I got it when it came out, the second disc is a cd.

(Sebastian) #5

oh. i hope you can make the database entry of this dvd into something that makes more sense. there are two covers at the moment, i am not sure this might be two different versions/releases

(Yodlaf Peterson) #6

I’m moving about a bit a the moment and my stuff is packed up round my parents, when i can get to it i will sort out the specs (unless anyone else has one)

(Bill san Antonio) #7

[quote=“Sebastian, post:5, topic:1088”]there are two covers at the moment, i am not sure this might be two different versions/releases[/quote]This dvd is on the slipcase cover. Another pic is from the slipcase and another from the actual dvd cover.

(The Swede) #8

I have the Alan Young Pictures release with soundtrack. I’m going to be checking it out soon. Ive listened to the CD already. Great music by Il Maestro.

(autephex) #9

there’s a fansub for the Italian parts…

(Bill san Antonio) #10

[quote=“autephex, post:9, topic:1088”]there’s a fansub for the Italian parts…[/quote]Are they available as srt format?

(The Swede) #11

Well I put on my DVD yesterday and I ended up not watching the whole movie because the sound kept dropping out of the film. The only other track was Italian and it has no English subtitles. So there goes that one. :frowning:

(autephex) #12

they could be :wink:

I have them in the actual DVD, I’ll gladly make an SRT file for anyone who’d like it


I am looking at the Koch Media sets “Grateful 8” and “Westerns Unchained” to fill a few gaps in my collection.

Are the “Tepepa” disks in these sets identical? In other words, does the “Tepepa” disk in the former include the extra features listed in the database for the “Unchained” version? Thanks.

(Sebastian) #14

Should be the identical disc, but I cannot reconfirm as I don’t own the box…