Taste of Killing / Per il gusto di uccidere (Tonino Valerii, 1966)

It was a period of 1960s ‘Old Geezer’ diversity … every film had to have one :wink:

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I can live with the Josef Egger variety. One or two scenes, and be done with it. But not a quarter of the film with its own tune over and over again. :sweat_smile:


I can see where you’re coming from but I love Egger in the first two Dollars films, his scene in For a Few… being one of my favourites. I can’t exactly blame them for trying to copy him.

Does anyone know where to find French audio for this? The French BluRay will be delayed until 2024 but restoration is already finished I am told. So it will likely be Italian with French subtitles…

This also means we should be seeing releases in other territories which is great because I like this one a lot!!!

not automatically but if they did a great job and will sell the material to others then maybe :slight_smile:

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I must say having just seen this for the first time I was disappointed with it. Too many subplots with no consequence and a pretty thin script.

  • started off badly with a pre-credits scene that was intended obviously to have the credits go up over it. Instead, the credits go up separately afterwards

• Lanky stalks Sancho and his two chums for about 15m with his scoped rifle but doesn’t shoot them. Instead, he challenges them to a ‘fair’ fight and shoots them from close range with his pistol. Seems like they just extended this to give Sancho some airtime to justify his guest star status

  • scenes with the ‘prophet’ character - too many of them as others have said

• the whole Molly/Steve thing could have gone - no impact on narrative. Similar with subplot about Gus’s brother. Like others, I was a bit baffled as to why Gus was a Mexican with an American name and had an American brother

• I didn’t find Craig Hill a very interesting character. It would have helped if he could have cracked a few jokes. I agree that his revenge motive seemed a throwaway.

• I’ve seen lots of Sartana/SAbata films so I was expecting Ressel and Lulli to be bad guys as well. Is this the only film in which Lulli is an honest man? If this had been made after Sartana they would have been a double-twist with them as bad guys.

Overall. A 5 out of 10 from me.

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