Tarantino returning to the Western genre for his next film!

I was hoping this would be the case.

He revealed this last night on The Tonight Show…didn’t give any details other than it will be a western, fine by me :slight_smile:


He said it definitely won’t be a “Django” sequel, and that he is now familiar with shooting a western so he would like to try it again. I say that will be great. Django Unchained wasn’t really a proper western, though inspired by spaghetti westerns. (It was based in the American South, and before the normal “western” era). I think now is his chance to put to use all he has learned about making movies, especially that learned while making Django, to create his ultimate western. It seems as if he has been building up his whole career to an epic masterpiece, and perhaps this will be it. Maybe Tarantino’s “Once Upon A Time In The West”?