Tara Pokì (Amasi Damiani, 1971)


A young man from Southern Italy kills his “protector” who had refused to allow him to marry his daughter and then they escape to America.

Amasi Damiani’s second “Western” after A Rope for a Bastard ! It’s not a direct Western, more an Italian drama. The first half of the film played in Italy, the other in the USA. Sometimes the film is boring, because he is very dialogue-heavy - And there is not much action ! The film is nothing special, the camera work ist very nice and the music is very good. The cast is also pretty good ! :smiley:
The biggest problem of the film is the end with the wedding ! It’s very cheese :o
It’s an ok italian drama/western movie, not more and not less.
But i think it’s very rare, and it’s always nice to see an rare film !
4 / 10
I’ve seen an Italian TV Brodcast, Fullscreen and average to bad quality.
Here are Screenshots:

Interesting Widescreen bars :wink:

The Wedding:

so, you finally got it ;D


The film isnt soooo bad film ! But a rating is very difficult, because the version i’ve seen is around 20 minutes cut ! :-\

This is not a broadcast, it’s actually a rip from the very rare but cut Australian VHS, take a look at its logo

The tape looks the part of being rare.

Is there another version available of that one ? Maybe an uncut version

Maybe an uncut copy archived in Italian Cineteca was screened at Rome some years ago, but I’ve no sure data.
Don’t forget that the Australian tape is dubbed in Italian language and this VHS release of 1983 was for Italian emigrants to Australia, hence that happy end not to make :’(
Use and re-use into Italian movies:
Mico Sarrabanda, as the main character in “Tara Pokì” on 1971, becomes Micu Sarabanda in the TV series called “Calabria mia” on Italian RAI TV four years later :wink:

Mino Reitano sings in both movies and he looks like a mix between a cowboy and a bandit already in “Tara Pokì”

There’s a copy of the soundtrack on Ebay at the moment for this.

A short time ago I uploaded this Lobby Card, in which the Western component seems very limited (not to say nonexistent).

Tara Poki? Is this one of those X rated westerns? :smiley:

Ha, ha nearly spilt my cup of tea when reading your comment Autephex :smiley: .

Tara is certainly attractive! ;D


You think she got poked in the film?

Less than twenty: the verified film length of the original theatrical release (May 1971) is 2423m, equivalent to 88m30s.