Tall wooden bridge blown up

Hey guys,

I've been looking for a wester I saw when I was a kid. I know for sure I loved it, but forgot pretty much all of it except this scene where the bad guys rig a tall woden rail bridge (the bridge was curved) waiting for the train to come. I think they finally blew it, but there was a nice fight.

Does it ring a bell to anyone?

EDIT: Something similar to this (http://wwwdelivery.superstock.com/Image/134/PreviewComp/SuperStock_134-1050.jpg), but this one has a straight rail, the one in the movie was holding a curved rail, as mentioned above.


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Sounds like Two mules for sister sara, only the good guys were the ones rigging the bridge.

Thanks, you might be right about who’s rigging the bridge. I’ll try to find the movie and let you know if that’s the one.

Just saw Two mules for sister Sara, unfortunately it’s not this one. This bridge is a very small one compared to the one I remember. The one I remember was very tall long and had the entire structure built in X shaped wooden beams. Also, as I mentioned before, a very specific thing that stands out, the rail track on top of the bridge formed a curve.

You have me beaten there kataleen. The only other western I know of where a bridge gets blown up is the Good the Bad and the Ugly.

Massacre at Fort Holman/Today we kill tommorow we die might also have had a bridge being blown up but I don’t quite remember, its been a while since I saw that movie

I remember one The Big Trees with Kirk Douglas in which there was near the end such a scene.

It must not be a Spagy.

There’s a scene in “Price of Power” on a tall railroad bridge (with wooden beams) that is being rigged with explosives…however, I don’t think it ever blows up. Maybe you should take our suggestions and head over to youtube.com to check out the trailers and see if anything is it.

Thanks. I appreciate it.
I already built a list of movies from your answers. I will let you know if I find it.

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