Take a Hard Ride - Lee Van Cleef

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I m nice to be in here first of all :slight_smile:
Soooo, i was watching this movie (Take a hard Ride U)some years ago and i remember this epic music mouth harp intro by Lee Van cleef at the beginning of the movie. Now i am wondering if anyone has a clue if this is part of a song.
Maybe,just maybe one of U nice guys May have this dvd/music disc of the music to the movie and can tell me anything bout it.
Wish U all a good time who ever reads this :slight_smile:

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Hi , welcom in the community !! I own the soundtrack and that’s just part of an instrumental piece of the soundtrack ! There is not a special song behind. Greetings !!

You might find this of interest: Take a Hard Ride Film Score

Thanks for your help:) i just found a way to cut this sound so now i have this nice melancholic sound as my notification sound of my Smartphone :slight_smile: great sounds in this movie :slight_smile: wish yall a good one