Swedish punk band The Baboon Show releases music video shot at Sad Hill Cemetery


What a crap song!

I feel a little pissed off they were allowed to make their video in this iconic location.


Well, it’s not as bad as Swedish punk can get (Ever heard Räserbajs? or PF Commando? Or Trindeman Lindeman?.) and I don’t think people should be banned from shooting a musical video where they please. One could cut fifty music videos of really good songs there as compensation.

I didn’t say that … I just said it pissed me off that they were there … maybe they’re fans of the film, not that I care. In the spirit of ‘punk’ I feel like telling them to fuck off :wink:

I’m not aware of the other groups you mentioned, but the first thing that struck me about ‘The Baboon Show’, was how un-punk it sounds … it’s more like bad middle of the road American soft rock.


And I can’t recommend them either. The last one was a joke - He’s actually a fictional character (who plays “Punk Accordion”) from one of the 500+ improvisational Lindeman sketches by Hans Alfredson, which contains the immortal quote;

-“Fuck off!
-That’s your way to say “welcome”, right?”

Although if i charged you with false accusations, I apologize of course.


The Sex Pistols and The Ramones they ain’t. :rofl:

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The whole notion of ‘Punk’ as a music style or form of political protest, is really a big nonsense - It was a carefully conceived ploy to sell units, the same as any other bands.

Pretending to be anarchists and anti-establishment figures was utter crap … even if some members of the bands believed that they were those things … but people like Malcolm McLaren (Sex Pistols, Manager) and Johnny Rotten/Lydon provoked the press and general media to cause a stir, designed to offend the conservative majority and attract bored adolescents … another case of how do we get the kiddies to spend their pocket money … same as it is now, just different tunes or attitudes.

Privately I would be much ruder about a group like ‘The Baboon Show’ … so what the hell, eh! They all look old enough to know better … someone in the band might want to look up the word ‘Punk’, in both it’s original and ‘musical’ definition. The singer’s attempt at looking sexy is laughable and at the same time repulsive … she looks like she could do with a good wash and a shot of antibiotics … and punk bands don’t do frigging guitar solos!!! :wink: