[Sweden] Njutafilms/Studio S

(Silence) #1

DVD catalogs added!



Do you think we should merge the catalogs or something, or should they be two seperate catalogs?

(Bad Lieutenant) #2

Are they the same outfit? I suspect they are 2 sub labels under the same flag, so they could be merged in that case.

Anyway, good work.

The Hunting Party is also out on Studio S by the way.

(Silence) #3

Thanks, and I added The Hunting Party, must’ve missed it the first time.

Yeah, I think so too. As far as I know both labels are run by the same people, who are also behind the Explotation DVD store SubDVD. Sometime they are treated as the same company, sometimes not, though. Confusing…

(Bad Lieutenant) #4

I ordered from subdvd once, some good bargains to be had there occasionally especially dvd’s of their own labels. A good and reliable shop, but I remember the ordering process to be overly complicated especially for a non-Swede.

(Silence) #5

Agreed! Have quite a few DVDs from SubDVD. Some of them are quite expensive, but they are rare, so it’s worth it. But as you say, there are some bargains among their own releases.