SWDb Spaghetti Western Hall of Fame

(Asa) #1062

The rules forbid me from nominating both of these guys and I briefly wondered if I should nominate them at all, lest I be torn to bits for being a creepy little bastard; but then I decided: Screw that, they deserve it…

I would like to nominate Sebastian “@Admin” Haselbeck in the category of “Contributors” for 2016, and I would like to nominate Simon “@Scherpschutter” Gelten in the same category next year. Their work has been and remains not just beneficial but fucking CRUCIAL to the continuing public interest in the spaghetti western genre in the 21st century.

(Sebastian) #1063

I second the Simon nomination. As for myself, I just turn knobs and stuff…

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1064

Seb and Scherp are totally deserving I agree, but because they are members of the forum and part of the voting panel we have a conflict of interest problem.

I think I’m going to extend the deadline for nominations to December the 7th midnight since we have so few nominations so far. Where is everybody this year?

(Phil H) #1065

Yes,we’ve talked about this before and I do feel we shouldn’t have our own people on the hall of fame. It was different for Tom Betts because he was nominated essentially for his work pre SWDB. So as much as we all value the contribution of Seb or Simon or others I think we should keep ourselves out of it. Just my two cents.

(Bill san Antonio) #1066

Luciano Rossi -Supporting actor’
-I can’t believe he’s still not in, to me he’s one of the delights of italian genre cinema of 60’s and 70’s.

Giulio Questi -Director
-He made only one spaghetti western but it’s one of the most notorious and best known in the genre.

(Diamond) #1067

Lead actor: Andrea Giordana for his memorable performances in thought provokal sw’s, including ambitious Cost of Dying, El Desperado and Johnny Hamlet.

Supporting actor: George Martin for Ringo movies and Taste of Killing

(ENNIOO) #1068

I agree.

(morgan) #1069

I’ll second that, he has been on my mind for the Hall of fame for some time.

And I’ll like to nominate Chelo Alonso for her female lead in two great SWs (GBU and Run, Man, Run!) and her hilarious acting in in a not so great SW (Night of the Serpent).

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1073

You can’t choose a director and a actor at the same time.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1074

You can’t nominate an actor and a supporting actor at the same time.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1075

Just to reiterate.

And yeah as much as I like those two, no Seb and Scherp. That would be like Sepp Blatter going into the FIFA hall of fame. The integrity of the process is not to be compromised. I would be open to having a “Outstanding achievement in Excellence Award” or a “Fellowship Award” or something like that for forum members though.

(Cat Stevens) #1076

In addition to my nomination of Jose Torres, who I think was one of the mainstay utility man across the whole history of spaghettis, from cameos to a leading role in the waning days of the genre, and exhibits great acting ability in films like Tepepa…

I’d also like to re-nominate Alex Cox in the Misc. Contributor category. In addition to being a tireless beater of the drum for films like Django and Django, Kill!, Cox has carried forth the aesthetic and spirit of the spaghetti western in films like Straight to Hell and Walker, and has written, I believe, one of the finest treatises on the genre in his 10,000 Ways to Die.

Though I find much to quibble with in Cox’s reviews of the films, his contextualization of their creation and insights as a filmmaker are proving invaluable to me as I go back through some of my favorites.

Here’s a great interview with Cox, courtesy the SWDB.

Here’s a brief paean to the genre in the New York Times written by Cox.

Here’s Cox introducing Face to Face on Moviedrome.

(Bad Lieutenant) #1077

My nominations:

  • Femi Benussi
  • Don Powell

(Diamond) #1078

Then I nominate just Andrea Giordana for lead actor.

(Bill san Antonio) #1079

Eh, didn’t notice that, let’s change Questi then with… Tarantino. He surely made the name of Django famous again.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1080

You can’t do two actors, I’ll just put in Benussi for you.

(Bad Lieutenant) #1081

I know. Don Powell is a singer.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1082

Time to Vote! Here is the Ballot:

SWDB Hall of Fame 2017 Induction Ballot

  1. Choose any TWO of the following nominees:
    Jose Torres, Henry Fonda, Brett Halsey, Andrea Giordana, Chelo Alonso, Giulio Questi, Femi Benussi

  2. Choose any ONE of the following nominees:
    Bruno Corbucci, Maurizio Graf, Alex Cox, Quentin Tarantino, Don Powell

Vote via reply to this thread or by PMing myself. You have until Sunday December 18 at Midnight to Vote. The 2 top vote getters from 1. and the top vote getter from 2. will be inducted.

Thanks everyone.

(Bad Lieutenant) #1083

What happened to Don Powell?

(morgan) #1084

Chelo Alonso
Jose Torres
Maurizio Graf