SWDb March 2022 recap

Welcome to the March 2022 newsletter from in and around the Spaghetti Western Database, your regular newsletter of what happened last month.

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:newspaper: NEW STUFF IN AND AROUND THE SWDB IN :spiral_calendar: MARCH 2022:

:film_strip: New around the SWDb:
There have been no big projects at the SWDb this past month but we have been adding pictures and essential info to the database. Thanks at this point to all those who have contacted us with missing DVD information, rare links, posters, and much more. The SWDb relies on its community. YOU are the SWDb, so thanks and keep sending us information and corrections to be included in the website.

:dvd: New and upcoming discs:
The new relases in March were

This included two fantastic releases by Explosive Media, the first ever UltraHD release of The Great Silence (not English friendly), as well as a French release of Valdez is coming and a German release of The Guns of San Sebastian (English friendly). And in April we can look forward to

This includes a re-issue of the amazing UK BluRay of The Great Silence, which we have extensively reviewed here, a French release of Texas Adios and another great release by Explosive Media. Pretty big but expected were the announcements of the UltraHD releases of the Dollars movies, forthcoming this summer (you can already pre-order them, check it out in the calendar). More news is in the bushes, we can feel it. Happy shopping.
More titles are added to the Calendar almost daily.
:calendar: Visit the SWDb home video release calendar
:arrow_double_up: Special tip: Make sure you score the Vengeance Trails box set, now in its second issue.

:church: Boot Hill Cemetery.
Our head of obits, @Tom_B had to update the boot hill cemetery with 7 new obituaries over the course of the last eight weeks. Rest in peace. :arrow_right: Check out “Cemetery with crosses”

:balance_scale: Reviews.
There were hardly any new reviews. Please get in touch if you can or want to review movies, BluRays, soundtracks or books, in any language.
:arrow_right: :de: DIE HÖLLE VON SAN SEBASTIAN

:books: Books.
No news for readers. Please let us know if there are new book releases we missed, and we also welcome book reviews!

:headphones: Music.
Same with music, no new additions these past weeks, we can use some extra help improving the quality and quantity of soundtrack info on the database, please get in touch!

:desert: Locations
Some sad news towards the end. From our friends at Almeriacine we found out that the Rambla Otero rock formation famous for Clint and Lee standing there, has partially crumbled. A video of this can be seen here:

And a newspaper article on this: Las lluvias dañan uno de los iconos del paisaje cinematográfico de Almería | La Voz de Almería

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Many thanks to all and everyone who contributed this month, in the SWDb proper, here in the forums, everyone who has emailed us, shared our posts on social media, listened in on the podcast or donated a few bucks our way. See you next month with a roundup of updates. We wish you the happiest new year and hope you check in regularly, discuss, spread the word and contribute (click here to read about the many ways how to do that).

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Saludos Amigos

On your website you were asking for more information about the Japanese blu ray for JOHNNY YUMA. I have just received the disc from Amazon Japan, so here is some information…

Audio is English only with Japanese subtitles that can be removed. So it is UK and US friendly.
No extras, not even a trailer.
Aspect ratio : 1: 66. Small horizontal bars top and bottom.
Length : 100 minutes. Uncut.
Quality : Picture quality generally good. Some small damage in places. Audio has some noise evidence in the quieter scenes. DTS mono. Dolby mono.
Credits in the film are in German.
Hope this is of help. Amazon Japan were very fast (3 days) and the disc wasn’t expensive at £19.90 which included postage.
Bruce Goodman

Many thanks, Bruce. I just updated this info in the database! Interesting that the credits are German maybe they used a German HD source for it, I will check if there may be a German BluRay in the bushes.
Edit: the German DVD was by Colosseo, I asked them if they may have a BluRay coming up, but they said no and let me know that worldwide, there’s only the material with the German credits available.