SWDb January recap

The new year 2021 is starting with a flurry of new developments, and is off to a great start.

As previously posted, we now use the :incoming_envelope: Newsletter category of our forums instead of our old Email-List. We have set up this forum category in a way that everyone is watching that it for new topics by default (you can opt out of this using the “bell” icon :bell: at the top right corner of that category). So you should have been notified of this very announcement with the little notification dot in the forums itself - or via email :mailbox_with_mail:, if you weren’t currently logged on.

:newspaper: NEW STUFF IN AND AROUND THE SWDB IN :spiral_calendar: JANUARY 2021:

  1. :film_strip: One of the coolest things we did this month was a little treasure hunt. With only manually colorized lobby cards at our disposal that had only the presumably Austrian title of a movie on it, we tried to identify the movie. And we succeeded.
    :arrow_right: Check it out
    :arrow_right: Our Lost+Found category keeps being very popular, and we have a very good success rate. If you are ever looking for a movie, this is your place!
  1. :dvd: Several interesting developments in the world of home video
    :arrow_right: Explosive Media announced new titles for April, check out their full catalog.
    :arrow_right: We updated the specs for Kino’s upcoming 4K UltraHD BluRay release of the theatrical version of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, which can already be pre-ordered.
    :arrow_right: A fabulous new release of The Valdez Horses in the UK
    :arrow_right: Next week in the US: Man of the East and The HIlls Run Red on BluRay.

  2. :de: Things we did for German speakers
    :arrow_right: We started some overdue updates to our German titles list. If you want to help out, please do!

  3. :microphone: @Tom_B and @spaghetti_westerns are churning out the greatest podcast ever made, every Friday 12pm PST.
    :arrow_right: Click here to check out the show archive and show notes which we keep updating every now and then to give you some way of researching names and titles mentioned in episodes past.

  4. :funeral_urn: Unfortunately, @Tom_B had to write at least 3 new obituaries of recently passed legends, who now reside on sad hill… this includes producer legend Alberto Grimaldi
    :arrow_right: Check out “Cemetery with crosses”

  5. :calendar: Now that our release calendar is filling up and first titles are about to appear, we will do some work very soon to make it look a bit more like the GCDb’s. In the meantime, please keep reporting new and upcoming releases, so we can add those to the SWDb. We also welcome tips about soundtrack and book releases!
    :arrow_right: Visit the SWDb home video release calendar

  6. :balance_scale: New reviews and articles that were published in January are:
    :arrow_right: None. That’s right. Your review could be here. We publish all spaghetti western reviews, articles, interviews, backgrounders, and more. Get in touch with us!

  7. Until the end of the month still, you can win a copy of DEATHRATTLE by donating any amount to the SWDb. Read more here.

Many thanks to all and everyone who contributed this month, in the SWDb proper, here in the forums, everyone who has emailed us, shared our posts on social media, listened in on the podcast or donated a few bucks our way. See you next month with a roundup of updates.

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I’m really looking forward to the April and any other future from Ulrich Bruckner and Explosive Media. It has been one crazy year indeed, looking forward to an exciting and better 2021 myself,

Sebastian, the month;y recap is a great feature. I visit the DB regularly, but with that wealth of content, it’s always possible to miss a new addition. Thanks for this value-added. // Fred Blosser

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Glad you dig it, Fred, it means a lot!