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For those with an active interest in the SWDb or those working on it, I will use this topic to post updates or changes (mostly technical, but also sometimes in terms of structure, organization, etc.). If you’re interested in Forum updates, visit here.

May 10, 2015: The big relaunch (has its own topic here)

Forum Updates [Regularly Updated]
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December 24: Updated the Mediawiki Software to 1.26.2 and the Skin to Foreground 1.2. This is a pretty huge upgrade actually, it should have boosted loading time, compatibility and performance. Do report problems where you encounter them.

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January 13: The SWDb currently sends no emails (password reminders, change notifications). I am relatively certain where that problem is coming from. Not sure yet when I can fix it.

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May 6: This was a minor tweak but it is a huge change overall. From today on, the SWDb is available through https only, thus adding extra security and privacy to your SWDb experience.

This update was also rolled out to the Grindhouse Cinema Database.

It will come to the Forum very soon!