SWDb General Updates

For those with an active interest in the SWDb or those working on it, I will use this topic to post updates or changes (mostly technical, but also sometimes in terms of structure, organization, etc.). If you’re interested in Forum updates, visit here.

May 10, 2015: The big relaunch (has its own topic here)

December 24: Updated the Mediawiki Software to 1.26.2 and the Skin to Foreground 1.2. This is a pretty huge upgrade actually, it should have boosted loading time, compatibility and performance. Do report problems where you encounter them.

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January 13: The SWDb currently sends no emails (password reminders, change notifications). I am relatively certain where that problem is coming from. Not sure yet when I can fix it.

May 6: This was a minor tweak but it is a huge change overall. From today on, the SWDb is available through https only, thus adding extra security and privacy to your SWDb experience.

This update was also rolled out to the Grindhouse Cinema Database.

It will come to the Forum very soon!

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There’s a bigger technical upgrade ahead for the SWDb, so if you can’t access it or it looks funny, check back a while later or the next day. We’ll post an announcement once the upgrade is complete. It might come with some nice new features, better security, better performance, some minor visual changes, etc.

May 4: The SWDb has received the first major software upgrade in almost four years. This was necessary to ensure the security, integrity and usability of the website and future development. It brings the SWDb up to the latest version of the Wiki software used.

What’s new? Most changes are “under the hood” so there is very little you will actually see. But it’s tons of changes in the software. The website should run faster, load better, look better on mobile devices and should work better across different browsers.

We’ve also updated the “skin” that give sour wiki the way it looks (it is called Foreground). This is still a bit of a work in progress as you can see, we’ll tweak some colors and other aspects over the next few weeks. Most notably, there is

There’ll be some minor tweaks to come, and we’ll use that to fix up a lot of pages in the SWDb. But of course we need YOUR HELP. Report problems, let us know about pages in the SWDb that need cleaning or fixing, and join our staff!

Seems like a persistent issue was left unresolved and that was: articles starting with a period being inaccessible. We are currently working on this, and in that course we will change all articles. Please let me know if you run into any problems - the issue stems from the fact that some Italian movie titles started with “…”

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