SW with Snow?

The Great Silence
Four Of The Apocalypse
Run Man Run
Cutthroat 9

These have snow in, I don’t remember other SW with snow… I guess a western with snow gets some more point in my personnal scale of appreciation (although the switch form the desert to snow is so abrupt in Four Of The Apocalypse that it confused me…)

1 more:

red coat - Giubbe rosse (1974)

think theres more too

ah, think ‘the crazy bunch’ (gerge hilton) has some snow but only at the very beginning :slight_smile: but its only a light sprinkling…

white comanche

A Man Called Sledge has snow in the beginning

The Boldest Job In The West by Jose Antonio De La Loma is full of snow.


taste of death
great movie

I quattro del pater noster

Is that the Deodato film?


taste of death, great silence and cut throat’s nine