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(Keep Your Head Down) #1

Updated link for “Spaghetti Western Themes on Nylon String Guitar” CD with new album notes, reviews, and previews:


Do not wish to purchase the CD thanks, and suspect not many others have with all the posts in recent times about this CD :stuck_out_tongue: .

(tomas) #3

this guy is unbelievable :smiley:
hmm, or is it artificial intelligence?

(Keep Your Head Down) #4

Note - I’m sold out as of right now (1/28) - I’ll update when I get another run for anyone interested (of course, digital downloads always available).

UPDATE - 2/7 - FYI - restocked and reloaded!

UPDATE - 2/14 - FYI - Sold out again on CD Baby…replacements coming.

UPDATE - 2/23 - FYI - restocked…

(Keep Your Head Down) #5

Disc now also available at: