SW Soundtrack Database... What Do You Think?

I don’t know if this have been suggested before, but here I go.
How about a SW soundtrack database. I’m not talking about a whole new site, but a database that have it’s place within SWDB. I know there is a option to click on the Soundtrack information button, but that information isn’t to spectacular. What if we had detailed information about every SW soundtrack (just like we have information about every SW films).

For example like this;

[size=14pt]Per un pugno di dollari[/size] size=14pt[/size]

Per un pugno di dollari (Soundtrack) (US, 1967 / Composer: Ennio Morricone)
Runtime: 26 min (RCA Victor LP, 1967), 38 min (GDM CD, 2006)
Release Date: 1967
First Released As A Album By: RCA Victor

Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Ennio Morricone
Chorus: I Cantori Modernisation di Alessandroni (The Modern Singers of Alessandroni)
Trumpet: Michele Lacerenza
Harmonica: Franco the Gemini
Guitar and Flute: Alessandro Alessandroni
Producers: Tom Berman / Gianni dell’Orso

Track Listing

RCA Victor

  1. Titoli (from “A Fistful of Dollars”) (02:37)
  2. Almost Dead (01:40)
  3. Square Dance (01:33)
  4. The Chase (02:21)
  5. The Result (02:25)
  6. Without Pity (02:00)
  7. Theme from “A Fistful of Dollars” (01:45)
  8. “A Fistful of Dollars” Suite (13:38)


  1. Titoli (02:58)
  2. Quasi morto (01:40)
  3. Musica sospesa (01:02)
  4. Square dance (01:36)
  5. Ramon (01:05)
  6. Consuelo Baxter (01:18)
  7. Doppi giochi (01:41)
  8. Per un pugno di dollari (#1) (01:26)
  9. Scambio di prigionieri (00:55)
  10. Cavalcata (03:29)
  11. L’inseguimento (02:25)
  12. Tortura (09:31)
  13. Alla ricerca dell’evaso (01:22)
  14. Senza pietà (02:08)
  15. La reazione (02:36)
  16. Per un pugno di dollari (#2) (01:49)
  17. Per un pugno di dollari (Finale) (01:09)


Here there could be text about the soundtrack and what went into making it.


Fun facts or something like that.

This section down below would be in the upper right corner, under a picture of the CD or LP (just like the film pages is set up)
Available CDs
Available MP3 Downloads
LP releases
Single releases
Soundtrack Review
Discuss and rate this (Talk about the soundtrack in the forums, just like we do with the films)

I know this idea of mine would require a lot of work, but couldn’t it be awesome?

What do you think? :smiley:

Soundtrack Collector already has alot of information like this as you probably know, but not exclusive to Spaghetti scores of course.

You’re right. My idea is that fans will get easier access to detailed information about SW soundtracks, on this site (all in one place). SWDB is already an formidable site (one of my favorites!) but things can still be modified and developed, and in the end make everybody more pleased than they were before. If realised, would be awesome! :wink:

Good idea but like you said it requires lot of work. I have added lots of cd release infos on the database but in most cases I’ve just added the front cover and not much anything else because of the lack of time or I just didn’t have more information about the release. It would be nice if people would add more info and edit the pages to look better.

If there aren’t ones already, there should just be links from the movie on swdb to the relevant entry on www.soundtrackcollector.com … You will never in a million years come close to the amount of information they have of all sorts of releases for the various (sw) movies there. No point in reinventing the wheel.

I’m not talking about adding all soundtrack releases that exist to one specific movie, but just the most imorportant, like the original LP (maybe some singles) and the best release as of today (Like GDM, Verita Note etc.) But maybe your right, it would probably be a lot easier to just ad a link from Soundtrackcollector.com :slight_smile:
But having a “Discuss and rate this” link to the soundtracks would be nice, and information what went in to making the soundtracks, and trivia (of course, if there actually is information to be found).