SW set in Old Mexico [titles request]

Hi everybody! I’m new here but I like to go straight to the point. I’m searching for spaghetti western set in Old Mexico, particularly all those that have scenes set in:

  • Small/tiny Mexican towns;
  • Mexican ghost towns;
  • Mexican desert(s)
  • Mexican (or American) mines or prisons placed in/near the desert or arid territories (like Yuma prison)
  • maybe Mexican missions and/or churches, still around the desert or arid places

In my life I have seen tons of SW but with all my good will I can’t remember specific titles with one or more of the settings above, so who better than this forum to ask for help?

Thank you for any hint and as an Italian I can’t fail to congratulate you for this great discussion place!


A very hearty welcome to the ‘SWDB’, Torpedo. We have some great guys and gals on here… :cowboy_hat_face:


Obviously a pretty safe bet are the Zapata Westerns. In addition, many of the higher ranked SW feature a bit of Mexican settings. There’s Agua Caliente in For a Few Dollars More. There’s the hacienda and the monastery in The Big Gundown. The same hacienda in both Ringo films, and so on.

Most films with the locations Los Albaricoques and Cortijo del fraile should fit your bill, actually.

Off the top of my head there are also Mexican hideouts or other places in Bandidos, Pistoleros, In a Colt’s Shadow, Blindman, Find a Place to Die, Bullet for Sandoval, Any Gun Can Play, Death Rides a Horse., Arizona Colt, The Long Days of Vengeance, Texas Adios… the list is endless, really.


Good answer, thank you! I already have a list with some titles that match yours, but since SWs are a genre pretty focused on this kind of setting, I likely forget many titles. Now I put here my list (I should have done before):

  • Ten Thousand Dollars for a Massacre
  • A Dollar Between the Teeth
  • Night of the Serpent
  • Valdez is Coming
  • The Hunting Party
  • The bounty killer
  • Death Rides a Horse
  • The Ruthless Four
  • Blindman
  • I Live for Your Death
  • Vengeance is mine
  • God Forgives… I Don’t
  • A Reason to Live, A Reason to Die
  • Sartana’s Here…

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A lot of $10,000 Blood Money takes place in a Mexican Ghost Town, that might scratch your itch!


Thanks, it is first in my list posted above.

Oops my bad, my eyes skipped over it.

I believe Requiem For A Gringo takes place in a Mexican compound if that counts for your criteria. Although its been a while since I’ve watched it so hopefully another forum member can confirm.

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