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(Jimi) #1

Anyone know where one can purchase movie posters for old spaghettis??? I don’t necessarily need/want the original type prints, replicas will do just fine!
Thanks, all!

(Bill san Antonio) #2

This might be good place, haven’t bought anything from them though


I have bought some posters from e-bay, German e-bay is good place for posters for example, if you don’t mind german titles in them.


[quote=“Scott Mary, post:1, topic:679”]Anyone know where one can purchase movie posters for old spaghettis??? I don’t necessarily need/want the original type prints, replicas will do just fine!
Thanks, all![/quote]

Just been looking at a couple of nice one’s on UK Ebay:





(The Halitosis Kid) #4

Anyone else collect Spaghetti Western film posters? I own three, these two original Japanese B2 posters for Duck You Sucker and Return Of Sabata and also an original B3 for Return Of Sabata (with pictures and info about the film on the back). I’ll try and take better pictures of them in the near future and put them on the SWDB wiki.

(Bill san Antonio) #5

I sure do. I haven’t bought anything new for a while though since they tend to end up in my wardrobe.
At this moment I have two GBU posters, Once upon time in the west and German Chuck Mool posters on my wall. I have some more on store, mainly old finnish posters.

(Søren) #6

Another collector here. I only collect Danish spaghetti western posters though, but wouldn’t turn down a foreign poster if it landed on my doorstep :slight_smile: The collection currently consists of 21 posters.

(Bill san Antonio) #7

I’m quite sure someone already posted this link but I couldn’t find it anymore, so here it is:


(Chris_Casey) #8

In another thread on this forum, someone mentioned Intercard srl as a good source for images of Italian Western posters…and I posted that they are a good source to buy actual posters from.

Here’s a link to their site:

You have to contact them for details on each poster (they don’t list their prices or stock levels on the site). But, I have always had great luck dealing with them.

http://www.moviegoods.com (as someone mentioned above) are OK. I have purchased some really nice posters from them—but, have also ended up getting kind of screwed on some, too. They are not real clear about the condition of their vintage, original posters. However, they do make some nice “Master Print” re-print posters.

[url=http://www.emovieposter.com/imagearchive/search/description/spaghetti+western.html]http://www.emovieposter.com/imagearchive/search/description/spaghetti+western.htmlhttp://www.intercardsrl.com/poster/index.asp are generally good to deal with. All of my Tony Anthony “Stranger” memorablia was purchased through them. I collect mostly b&w 8x10 photos (in addition to posters) and I have purchased a lot of photos from these folks over the years.

eBay is an excellent source for posters!
If you are interested in Japanese posters (for Spaghetti Westerns or Japanese films) I recommend the seller that calls himself cotton_comes_to_tokyo. I’ve picked up some outstanding items from him in the past.
But, he is just one among many that offer great posters on eBay.