SW by Jean Luc Godard "Le Vent d'est"?

Hi Guys,

i just watched into an interview with Jean-Luc Godard. There is mention of a leftish-SW made by him in 1969 called Le Vent d’est. It is named in his wiki page as well.
Not that i know much about his films, but he is a really big name in cinema and I havent found it in the database.
Has anybody of you guys heard about this?
it does not seem to be very godd judging from the imdb http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065173/.
Any insights into this, at least it would add another “big” name to our beloved genre

I had the chance to saw it in the Cinemateca Nacional a few years ago, but I missed, I know its a very uncommon film, with Glauber Rocha in it.
That’s one I been wanting to see for a long time but never got the chance to, I’m not a big fan of Godard’s Cinema, but i Know his importance. It’s funny how this left wing directors, (Ferreri also did it) use the western genre to pass their message, westerns were really to most important film genre in Europe at the time.

P.S. There’s also another film with the same name was directed by Roberto Enrico and had Malcom Macdowell on it by the way is a very good film. and a very political one too

I don´t think it´s a western.

Here´s an interesting article about the film:

Here’s a clip. Pretty horrible, if you ask me.

It was supposed to become a western, but in the end something else emerged, with a few ideas from the western project still in it.
Gian Maria Volonte is in it and also Daniel Cohn-Bendit.

I saw it several years ago here in London. It’s a very heavy-handed, self-consciously ‘intellectual’ exercise in anti-cinema.

The presence of Volonte lends its iconic force, but it’s one of Godard’s least engaging efforts - it’s more of a lecture than a movie, and deliberately amateurish.

Interesting, but not as enlightening or provocative as Godard and his collaborators would have hoped.

I don’t know which of these persons make the movie more interesting…

Haha, a Western by Jean Luc-Godard!

Why not, he made also a Lemmy Caution film.