Surprising spaghettis

Hey guys, I’m new here I was just wondering what were some of the SWs that you watched where you expected regular genre fare but were surprised by the quality/profoundness of the film, I’ll start, mine were fury of Johnny kid and taste of vengeance, thanks!

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Hmmm…That’s a tough one. A lot of the SWs I’ve seen have had a good amount of quality to them, but I suppose the one that offered a nice dosage of profoundness was Black Jack with Robert Woods. That the film was shot in the deserts of Israel was a real surprise as I expected this vast oasis to be all around everyone, and truly did feel like I was somewhere in Arizona, Texas, or around the US-Mexico Border. Robert Woods also gave a fine performance where you almost literally watch him descend into madness and villainy, slowly losing empathy for him with every killing.

The Great Silence and A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die also might fit this category, but it’s been years since I’ve seen them. I think now that I’m older I might appreciate them better.

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Yeah, black Jack that’s a good one, Woods finest for my money, it’s actually the film that got me in the more obscure side of spaghettis, thanks!

Better than El puro for you?

Which btw also fits very well the “surprise” category, in more than one respect.

El puro is another great one! I wouldn’t call black Jack better as a whole (both are great) but I found his performance more interesting in Black Jack, although the drunk gunfighter who does not want to kill character is also great, I think I’m gonna have to rewatch El puro sometime soon!

Heads or Tails was the last really surprising one I’ve seen.

I think I’ve seen it pop up on YouTube, I’ll have to check it out!