Super Fuzz

I just want to encourage everyone to see Sergio Corbucci’s Super Fuzz starring Terence Hill and Ernest Borgnine about a cop(Hill) with super powers which he loses everytime he sees the color red. One of the best theme songs ever.

yeah funny flick, all-time-classic. i grew up on those funny spencer/hill movies

Yes it’s a Terence Hill classic
also look for it under the more commonly known title of “SUPERSNOOPER”

I also grew up watching the Spencer/Hill movies !!! Is it the movie with the German title ‘Der Supercop’ ??? Yes, it is !!! Haven’t watched it for a long time. I remember that I loved it as a kid.

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Im gonna watch it tonight!

Also the dvd is coming out February 27th.

[quote=“me, post:5, topic:221”]Im gonna watch it tonight!

Also the dvd is coming out February 27th.[/quote]
i wonder if SUPER FUZZ is the same version as SUPERSNOOPER of just a different title, i already have an Italian release, there are a whole load of them on the DVD STORM label and they are all nice transfers with Italian or English audio

I didn’t realise this one had been released on dvd. Think i’ll have to get it when i have some spare cash! Funnily enough, when i was a kid, one of the local cinemas was a privately owned one, not part of a chain, and the guy there did Saturday morning kid’s shows, and my brother and I saw this on a double bill with CrimeBusters :smiley:

The recent DVD and the SUPERSNOOPER version are different from the original US release. There’s additional scenes and music is shuffled around in different places. I prefer the US cut much better. It was released here on VHS by Embassy. Great movie. A childhood favorite.

I didn’t thought to find a thread about Super Fuzz here! :smiley: I remember in the Movie you hear all the time Super, Super :slight_smile:
Sergio Corbucci Director of Super Fuzz and The Great Silence! ;D

I’ve seen this movie a couple of times the last time not more than a year ago and I must say I find it one of the less fun of the Hill (& Spencer) movies. They most definitely fared best in the movies where they both participated.

… and I of course here only talk about their non-SW outings… Both Terence Hill and Bud Spencer did quite well on their own in the spaghetti western genre…

That’s exactly how i discovered WATCH OUT WE’RE MAD which i think is easily their best and rivalling the Trinity films and has always stayed one of my lifelong favourites.CRIMEBUSTERS is very strong too.

Don’t think that SUPERFUZZ is up there with these films but it’s still entertaining.

Yes, that’s a very good one. I liked it even better than the Trinity movies

[quote=“alk0, post:13, topic:221”]Yes, that’s a very good one. I liked it even better than the Trinity movies[/quote]me too, my favourite film with them together

“Dune Buggy” 8)

Hm… is really was ( like most of you) a enormously huge fan of Hill/Spencer when I grew up (and still am :wink: ), but Supersnooper or SuperFuzz or Superwhatever was never one of my faves.

BTW did you realize that Borgnine plays a similar role as in Convoy? I mean he is Hill’s opponent, but in the end he somehow is happy that he didn’t defeat him.

Yes Yodlaf if i had to choose i’d say WATCH OUT WE’RE MAD is my favourite too.