Caught this while browsing thru amazon.bruce campbell and david carradine vs vampires in old west! never heard of it,anybody seen it?

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Can’t say I have. Looks like it could be fun though.

Viewed on VHS when came out, but cannot remember anything about the film.

I tried to view it once, but couldn’t make it, it was incredibly shitty. Carradine is a vampire, he doesn’t fight them and Bruce Campbell has only a cameo. It actually isn’t set in the old west [in the west but in the modern times].

Thanks for the info you just saved me from a bad purchase :wink:

I don’t know if you can take my opinion on this subject seriously, because according to opinions, on imbd for example, lot of people like this one. But i find myself generealy hating Anthony Hickox movies. He likes to use veeery fake looking rubber gore and that’s how his movies feel to me - like they were made of rubber.

Have to say i was pretty disapointed with this one too. There were a couple of funny moments but not enough for repeated viewings! Another thing about Hickox, have you noticed he always cameos in his films too!