Subtitiles (fan subs and what not)

This is a thread for sharing and asking about subs for DVDs that aren’t English friendly. Because in most cases I’d rather buy an official product than deal with a bootlegger. Recently I wanted to watch Durango is Coming, Pay or Die and someone on the forums provided me with a subs for it so I could buy the French disc and watch it on my computer instead of paying for what might have been a VHS transferred to DVDr.

To start us of: If anyone has English subs for Wrath of God or 20.000 Dollars for Seven I would love to get them.

Actually I found subs myself, surprisingly easy actually.

Where did you get them? I often buy Italian dvds with in best case Italian subs and I have a hard time finding any subs at all to those genre movies. I end up doing google-translated subs for them :slight_smile:

I just searched for them online, I’ll put up a link when I’m back on my computer.

Thanks amigo :slight_smile: I know I ended up google-translating the subs for 20.000 Dollars for Seven you mention above and as much as I love google-translated subs :slight_smile: the real thing is to be preferred.

This is the site I used, just search for the films using their Italian titles and then pick your language (or search for only specific languages) and then click the .srt file and it’ll download. This site worked for those two films, but it came up short when I tried finding subs for Beyond the Law. If you can’t get it to work I can email you the subs for those two films. Below are two screens from Kidnapping with the subs I’ve got.

The subs for Kidnapping! stopped working around 25 minutes in when using VLC, but works in Media Player Classic.

Django the Bastard and Adios Gringo if anyone has them. Both DVDs I bought years ago with the promise of English options, but alas.

Also, I Want Him Dead as mentioned in another thread.