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We were thinking of offering an Email Newsletter on the SWDb. Weekly or more than weekly email alerts about new reviews and articles or substantial other news around the SWDb were unrealistic but other semi-regular updates are feasible.

Why? These things often get lost in the forums, especially for new members or those with little time to dig through all the topics. Not everyone likes the social media channels or sees those updates. Plus, Email is still the most established tool and it’s something that won’t belong to Facebook or others.

Without further ado…

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I like that idea. A weekly newsletter is enough for my taste. Besides it would be nice to include the current screenings of SW at cinemas/cinematheques/film festivals…

I wouldn’t want/need an email newsletter myself Seb; I’ve got the forums bookmarked but I almost always access them through the front page anyway. Just habit, I guess. But as a consequence, I rarely miss something that might’ve been of interest to me. That said, users who only use the boards might appreciate a heads-up in the form of an email.

On another site I frequent, the site owner simply starts a thread on the main board about whichever new report/article he’s put on the main body of the site, for the benefit of those who might not go looking for them. Worth a thought, maybe.

Here it is,

due to popular demand, we now have a real Email Newsletter, with new reviews, release news and other things. We’ll try to send fairly regularly, but we can’t promise!

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Why? Not everyone likes to poke around Facebook or sift through all forum topics, so those who want a good old fashioned news mails, here you go!


I’ve signed up, but I think it’s going to be a real success then consistency is the key and ought to come out on a regular (monthly?) basis.

Yes, anything more than monthly could get annoying and wouldn’t have enough time to generate worthwhile content.

Sounds good. I will try monthly, but it is a lot of work :wink: Lets see

Done :wink:

Issue 1 is out!

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Note that the, and are also getting one, make sure to subscribe!

Issue 2 is out!

If you missed it, click here

And overdue issue #4 is out now


Nice to see the newsletter again. And good news on Austin’s new book.
Might take me a while to save up for it though. Jeez, those academic book price tags are a killer.


I’ve signed up for the newsletter. It will be good to be updated just in case I miss anything on the database.

I just need to be more diligent about compiling and sending one :slight_smile:

In case you missed the 1st issue of 2018:

And yesterday’s Sartana Special

Yesterday we tried out a new format, the “release alert”. We might do these again for updates that warrant immediate attention to the global fan community. For those not subscribed, here’s what it looked like:

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I promise to do more newsletters starting this December. Everyone subscribed yet?

Hard to believe, but I have one ready to send out finally :slight_smile: I hope it finds lots of readers