Su precio … unos dólares (Raúl de Anda hijo, 1970)

Su precio… unos dólares (1970, Raúl de Anda hijo)
aka Ehi Satana! Prendi la pistola e spara ritorna Trinidad

Plot summary (from IMDB):
Jane is awaiting 5,000 dollars at the local bank but tells Billy that there is a shipment of $100,000 expected as well. Doc, Sam and El Indio will join in the robbery. Once inside the bank, Jane lets in Billy through the back window, and as a ruse has him tie her up. The rest of the gang are standing sentry outside. Little do they know that the Texas Rangers have accompanied the gold shipment. Soon shooting erupts among all, including the town sheriff. Eventually Doc, Sam and El Indio get away. Then Billy rides off as well. Billy & Jane were to meet the trio at an appointed spot with the loot but they don’t show up. Doc & gang catch up with a solitary Billy and try to beat the whereabouts of the gold out of him. Meanwhile we find out that Jane and the banker are in cahoots. What follows is a wild battle for the $100,000 in which greed reigns supreme!

Has anybody else seen this Mexican western? Italian cuts available?

Love that poster 8)

Amazon link to dvd:

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What do you know, from

Una donna assolda quattro pistoleros, Trinidad, Doc, Satana e Il rinnegato) per rapinare una banca. Ma in realtà… Western messicano edito in Italia con titolo pazzesco, musiche di riporto (di Alessandroni, da El Puro), e incredibili pseudonimi anglofoni ammiccanti ad attori (e non solo: l’alias del regista è un ibrido fra lo pseudonimo di Lizzani e quello di Barboni!) del nostro spaghetti. Però questo è davvero molto all’italiana: antieroico, amorale, truculento, misogino. Non male.

A woman hires four gunmen, Trinidad, Doc, Satan and The renegade) to rob a bank. But in reality … Western Mexican published in Italian with the title Crazy music by carryover (Alessandroni, from El Puro), and incredible pseudonyms winking English-speaking actors (and not only the alias of the director is a hybrid between the pseudonym Lizzani and that of Barboni!) of our spaghetti. But this is really very Italian: anti-heroic, amoral, gory, misogynist. Not bad.

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Titolo originale: Su precio… unos dolares
Dati: Anno: 1970Genere: spaghetti western (colore)
Regia: Lee D. Blucher (Raul De Anda Hijo)
Cast: Clarence Hill (Rodolfo De Anda), Peter T. Laurenz (Mario Almada), Margaret Taylor (Sonia Furiò), Pedro Armendariz jr., Giorgio (Jorge Russek), John Kelly (Julian Bravo), Rafael Baledon, Robert Brown jr. (Victorio Blanco)

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haven’t heard of this one, how’s the film?

To be honest, I should watch it again. A couple of scenes were quite cool, I remember that though. However, I I have a disliking of fullscreen presentations and the pic quality wasn’t great either. On top of that the dvd is Spanish only, so I missed out on a lot. Accompanied to the El Puro soundtrack and in Italian, a language that just sounds better to me, it would definitely improve I reckon. But I’ll give it a second shot regardless. The chances of unearthing the Italian version are close to zildj, I reckon. My recollection of the thing, viewed about 8 months ago, is not too vivid. So, who knows. There’s definitely something spaghetti-esque about it.

Put this in the player again.

DVD runs 1:20:19, for what it’s worth. If online sources are right, it is cut by almost 5 minutes.
Pic quality is quite alright for such a budget release, but it’s a fullscreen presentation and that’s too bad. Of course there’s grain and plenty of print damage. Moreover the colours are a bit washed out, yet overall it’s pretty watchable.

The movie itself starts out nicely and should appeal to spaghetti western fans in terms spirit and violence. Cabiati’s original score, which was replace by Allessandroni’s El Puro score, I find quite fitting actually. EDIT When the first barroom brawl is a fact, Cabiati’s music is way off, with comedic music playing that would be better off in an old school Batman episode. Rodolfo de Anda’s, or should I say Clarence Hill’s, character is none other than Billy the Kid. I missed that the first time (and blame it on certain substances).

Some more later…

I will be reviewing this. Will try to get it done today, but I got nightshift ahead, so it might be tomorrow. First in Dutch, then perhaps a translation.

The film is way better than I remembered! Cool spaghetti-esque stuff; mean spirited, plenty of gunplay, double crosses etc. Nice!

Is the dvd you linked to above the one you have? May have to buy that

Seems this guy also made quite a few westerns…

Mill Creek has a couple multi-film sets with several of his titles, one set looks to be all films from this director:

Yeah, I saw that on eBay. The first disc has 3 films on it. Probably the MediaLink version even more compressed.

The MediaLink dvd is the one I have, yes. Knowing your taste a little, you’re going to dig it.

Yeah I definitely would not want to buy the release with multiple titles on one disc, unless those other films are hard to find and possibly good also.

Have you seen anything else from Raúl de Anda hijo yet?

I’ll definitely get this one

No, I haven’t. He’s related to Rodolfo de Anda, main actor in a lot of westerns, no?

Dutch language review now online:

I will translate it into English and put it in the database when I have the time.

A custom DVD was just uploaded at CG including the Italian dub!

What?!? Including Alessandroni’s score? Great!!!

Yea I guess its sourced to a TV recording. The dvd is the same US one, I wonder if there are any differences in cuts

I will translate my Dutch review and will make some modifications, when having viewed the Italian version as well. Looking forward to compare both versions.

Just noticed the DB link isn’t posted here yet:…_unos_d%C3%B3lares

And here is a custom cover I just made for it:

(click image link for printable full-sized image)

Nice work, autephex.