Style / content guidelines?

As someone who’s edited a few wikis but is new to this site, there’s a few things I find frustrating about the SWDB. The info on movies, DVD, etc. is really useful, but pages on major figures like Leone seem rather lacking. Then I find that there are longer articles on him, but they’re hidden in an articles category which you need to go looking for elsewhere.

So I think the navigation could be better. (It doesn’t help that the Sitemap is a blank page with an “under construction” message, & has been for two years.)

Also, is there any kind of manual of style, or formatting guidelines? There seems a lot of inconsistency about things like whether film titles are italicised, whether actors’ names are linked, etc. & A few things I find baffling, like why photos of actors are captioned with their date of birth, when a caption noting what film & year the still is from would seem more useful.

I’m trying not to be overly negative, but maybe it helps to have a fresh perspective on this. Plus I would like to try & straighten a few of these things out, but don’t want to go ahead without at least some consensus. & If there is any interest in this issue, I think it would help to get some more definitive guidelines together.

yeah, you tell the right points. but in fact there are many many editors and if each editor is doing some different pages theys look - although there are guidelines - kindo of different. we are working on this but would be happy about helping hands. :slight_smile:

I think these are excellent points and need debate. I am very much in favor of style guidelines and clarifications on how we do things. the only problem is that the incentives for spending lots of time on “meta” work (writing guidelines, creating sitemaps, help pages, etc) is rather low, considering that we are all volunteers. so we depend on input. for example, if the sitemap is empty and that is a problem, someone just needs to stop filling it with content, and maybe someone else joins in and helps out (maybe me)…

so why don’t we create something like an immediate 5-point plan to put some of your feedback into concrete action? can you help us out?