Studio Canal

Studio Canal is gonna release Django 1-3 Steel Edition January 2013 (which is the month Tarantino’s Django Unchained hits theaters)

Is this just the original Django?

the original, plus what’s sold as django 2 (texas addios I think) and django returns

ah, wasn’t sure if 1-3 was the release date or referring to 3 Djangos

Django 2 for me would probably be Viva Django/Django, Prepare a Coffin

nope, it’s not viva django, which is a Terence Hill movie and not at Studio Canal

Yeah I didn’t think it would be, was just commenting that to me its the only spaghet out of all the Djangos that really seems anything like the original character, and would be the only one that makes sense to me to include in a Django set aside from the official sequel which is not really Django at all

(not that I’m saying anything bad about this release, just inputting something totally off topic :wink: )