Stranger in town or Epic adventure?

Two distinct different types of stories within the sw-genre are on one hand the “stranger in town”-plot where the story is centered around a small ghost town.

There are countless films of that type; A Fistful of Dollars, Django, Django Kill, Matalo!, Cemetery without Crosses etc.

Then there’s the big-budget “adventure”-plot like The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, and many of the political spaghettis. Films that have hundreds of extras, lots of explosive action, and takes place on many different set-pieces.

Which is most interesting?

An unnecessary question perhaps, both are equally interesting of course ;D

But the “stranger in town”-plot is, to me at least, the very essence of spaghettiwesterns, the opposite of earlier more romantic westerns.

I prefer the Stranger in Town scenario’s (slightly) more than the epics. The lone anti-hero gunfighter driven byrevenge and/or money taking on huge numbers of foes is the classic SW cornerstone.